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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Introduction


Thread: Introduction

Message: Introduction

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From: Don McNamara <mcnamara at>

Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 21:53:03 UTC


  Hi, everyone.

I'm a nugget to the IAC.  A "newbie," if you prefer.  I've got some 
questions for those of you who've been doing acro for awhile, and am 
anticipating an avalanche of opinions.  Please reply privately to:
		mcnamara at
to avoid tying up the list.  

I'm a 600-hour pp, no real taildragger or HP time.  I fly a Grumman 
Yankee, and appreciate it's responsiveness and visibility.  It doesn't 
like to fly straight and level any more than I, but is rather limited by 
design and power.

I've flown a Decathlon once, and was disappointed with how slow and heavy 
the controls were.  I'd really hate to give up my Yankee's responsiveness 
and go to that kind of plane to get started in acro. (Sorry if I've 
offended any Decathlon owners.  Didn't mean to.)

I'm building an RV-8 now, but it'll be many years before it's done.  It 
should be quite capable of most routine acro.

My questions:

1) If I were to sell my Yankee and buy something to learn in, what would 
be a good plane that I wouldn't "outgrow" in the next few years?

2) Since there's no IAC chapter in northern Indiana, is there a good 
flight school anywhere within a hundred miles or so of here (South Bend)?

3) There's a guy at out local club who happens to be a CFI and owns an 
S2-B. Should I entertain thoughts of hiring him for training, or stick to 
a recognized IAC school?

OK, that's it for now.  Thanks to all who might respond.  Lord knows, I 
haven't the time or money now for yet another project, but flying S&L is 
getting boring.  I want to have fun again!

--Don McNamara


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