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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: I was there Saturday

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: I was there Saturday


Thread: I was there Saturday

Message: I was there Saturday

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From: Geryl Mortensen <iloop at Onramp.NET>

Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 00:56:31 UTC


  Hi everybody,
I flew up from Dallas to the WAC on Saturday for the day. First thing, I 
was shocked at how few spectators where there.  The weather was great 
and so was the flying.  I stayed late and saw Robert Armstrong, Matt 
Champman and Mike Goulian fly their Free's.  Robert did OK but took a 
break during the sequence, I am not sure, this may have been allowed for 
due to low clouds, however, I did not see any other pilots taking a 
break. Matt Champman flew very well despite some question from the 
peanut gallery as to whether or not he zeroed his tailslide or not.  
Mike Goulian flew just after Matt and had what appeared to be an 
outstanding flight.

Lots of cool shirts for sale, excellent IAC/Aviat chalet that was free 
to current members.  It had free refreshments and the best viewing spot 
with chairs on the flight line.  The best thing I saw there, besides the 
flying and the russian babe, Svetlana, 
(, was Alan 
Cassidy's Aresti 4 for windows.  I saw the demo and it is one great 
program!  I bought it along with Viso 4 and it does in minutes what used 
to take me forever to do in Corel Draw.  Better yet, it even adds up the 
"k" for each figure and lets you print all the IAC or CIVA paper work 
(forms A,B& C) that you could ever want including custom sized sequence 
cards for your panel.  What a time saver when drawing up a free 
program!  Alan says that he creates the FAI catalog, so the program is 
always very up to date.  The only problem, no tumbling figures like 
lumps or torque rolls for the airshow or 4 minute crowd.
The weather appears to be somewhat of a problem, but I hope to make it 
back up mid week.
Go team,
Geryl Mortensen
Staudacher S-300 & Long-Ez


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