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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: WAC as seen from the stands.

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: WAC as seen from the stands.


Thread: WAC as seen from the stands.

Message: WAC as seen from the stands.

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From: Harold James Hitchcock <hjhitchc at>

Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 00:53:08 UTC


	Just returned from OK. City.  First, huge cheer to the organizers.
This was a great event from the fans perspective.  Friday and Saturday
were blistering hot.  If you are going, dress cool.  The flying was as hot
as the weather.  Patrick Paris and the Russian team put on a fabulous
display of airmanship.  The US team is flying tough as the scores show.
Sunday the weather closed the flying to 4 flights total.  This morning the
weather was fair.  Close call on the ceiling, I am unsure how many flights
were completed.  The crowd was huge on Sat, and thanks to great PA work,
stayed interested in the flights.  

	Rumors heard at the Radison included that the US judge had been
asked to leave.  TBL seemed to show a bias.  IS this true????  Also heard
a couple of times was the pace of flights seemed slow.  The comments
seemed to be that the judges were using the video playback to often.  The
pace did slow a few times, but overall, there always seemed to be someone
in the box.  For a rookie contest viwer, this was a great event.  Only
regret was having to leave today.

Hal Hitchcock


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