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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: BAeA UK Nationals Day 1

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: BAeA UK Nationals Day 1


Thread: BAeA UK Nationals Day 1

Message: BAeA UK Nationals Day 1

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From: Gareth Roberts <info at>

Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 00:02:42 UTC


  Day 1 of the 1996 British National Aerobatic Championships
 26th Sept. 1996.   SYWELL Airport, Northampton, England.

 The day started hazy but this lifted quickly allowing a
 box flight from Nick Buckenham. There followed two flights
 from unlimited Group 1, by Steve Jones & Alan Wade, but third
 person Nick Onn, had to abandon as low scud came through to 
 precede a windy warm front. The remainder of the days flying 
 was scrubbed, with a more promising day being forecast for 
 The only thing of note, was some considerable press activity
 ranging from TV, to several Nation Newspapers, and hope that
 a promising amount of coverage will stimulate a somewhat 
 stalled championship. Since it is now almost certain that
 we will use our Saturday weather contingency, this should
 at least bode well for any potential specators tempted by
 the high volume of press coverage. here is the final entry
  1  Annabel Panchaud    Pitts S-2A  G-STUA
  2  Dave Kaberry        Zlin 50LX   G-MATE
  3  Nick Buckenham      Yak 55M     RA1333
  4  Stefan Kwiecien     Pitts S-1S  G-BKDR
  5  Patrick Williams    Su-29       RA7802
  1  Laurent Barthes     Su-31       RA1480
  2  Jean Daguet         Su-31       RA1480
  3  Omar Bilal          Extra 300   JY-nnn
  4  Steve Jones         Su-26M      G-SOOK
  5  Nick Onn            Su-26M      G-XXVI
  6  Tim Barnby          Su-26M      G-XXVI
  7  Tom Cassells        Su-29       RA1277
  9  Alan Cassidy        Su-26MX     G-ORBY
  9  Thomas Haueter      Su-26MX     G-ORBY
  10 Alan Wade           Extra 300   G-SIII

 No entry was received from last years winner Diana Britten and
 the following entries were prevented from entering because of
 weather difficulties
    Klaus Schrodt       Extra 300S  D-xxxx
    Uli Pade            Extra 300S  D-xxxx
    Louisa Knapp        Extra 300S  D-xxxx

 More news tommorrow, or check the BAeA WWW site :
Gareth Roberts  Press Officer, British Aerobatic Association
'info at' 
'Hirons', 25 Olney Rd., Emberton, Olney, Bucks MK46 5BX
 Tel: 01234-713245


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