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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Bartow International Championship


Thread: Bartow International Championship

Message: Bartow International Championship

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Date: Tue, 01 Oct 1996 23:38:40 UTC


  I'm forwarding this from our famous contedst director Bob Stark!!

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The October Sebring contest is on, except it will not be in October 
and it will 
not be in Sebring either. It is going to be held at the Bartow, Fl 
airport on November 7th, 8th and 9th.  Weve changed the date and 
location for 
reasons which I really dont understand. No matter, its happening 
and Ive been 
charged with the responsibility of making it happen. Hello to all. 
Im Bob Stark 
and I am the Contest Director for the Bartow Aerobatic Championship. 
I can 
honestly tell you that with all of the things that I have planned for 
contest, it will positively with out a doubt, be the best contest by 
a wide 
margin that I have had the privilege of directing. Making the trip 
down to 
Florida for this contest will not be a disappointment for you unless 
you are 
planning to take first place in intermediate. Ive already had my 
engraved. Other than that, It will be a great time. 

I have planned a real nice Thursday evening barbecue party complete 
with a real 
s--- kickn country band. On Friday night we have a real treat. We 
will be going 
up to Kermit Weeks FANTASY OF FLIGHT air museum for a dinner party. 
This is a 
great place with lots of beautifully restored planes and we will even 
access to the simulators in Fighter Town. A bunch of hot shot pilots 
like us 
should be able to set some new records there. Of course, Saturday 
night will 
include the typical awards banquet, however; Ive secured the 
services of the 
worlds best emcee. This guy used to do them all the time before he 
went into 
hiding. We found him, offered him a lot of money and he has agreed to 
come by 
and embarrass us all once again. No, its not Don Rickles, but youre 
Just dont breathe and youll be safe from his barbed tongue, but 
what ever you 
do, dont miss it.

For those of you who are having a little trouble convincing your 
spouse to let 
you come, bring him(or her) along. Ive got some discount tickets for 
Gardens which is less than two miles form the hotel. Disney(theyre 
having the 
25th anniversary celebration) and Sea World are just thirty minutes 
away and 
Bush Gardens(which aint just a garden) is just a little farther. She 
or he and 
the kids can have a great time while you are humiliating yourself at 

Weve got good rates on rental cars at Alamo(941-298-9101) and a 
terrific rate 
at the Holiday Inn in Winter Haven(813-294-4451). By the way, they 
tell me that 
the rooms are going fast. If you cant get a room, give me a call at 

800-50-PLANE Ext 101 or send me an Email at imacro at Im 
working an 
alternate hotel for overflow. 

As for the contest: SIX CATEGORIES. Basic. Sportsman, Intermediate, 
Unlimited and Unlimited Gliders. Yes, gliders. Believe me this should 
be good. I 
happen to know that theres controversy brewing among those guys and 
this could 
turn out to be a real shoot out. Ya gota love um. 

It all starts Thursday morning at 8:00am sharp so plan to arrive on 
and get to bed early. Youll need the rest.

Check the web page for more info. Follow the IAC web page to IAC 23 
then to 
Bartow. Believe me its easier than typing the address.

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