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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Bogus acro charge

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Bogus acro charge


Thread: Bogus acro charge

Message: Re: Bogus acro charge

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From: Tim Bastian <timothy607 at>

Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 03:26:39 UTC


  >Date: Sat, 05 Oct 1996 18:45:07 -0400
>From: Jim Campbell <usav8r at>
>Reply-To: usav8r at
>Organization: Airedale Press, inc.
>To: Tim Bastian <timothy607 at>
>Subject: Re: 
>References: <199610052113.OAA29036 at>
>Tim Bastian wrote:
>> I'm looking for an attorney willing to go to the mat with the FAA and local
>> law enforcement (sky cops) on a bogus akro charge.  Hopefully, the attorney
>> will be in southern California.  Any input on experiences you've had in these
>> matters would also be much appreciated.
>> Akrobuff at
>>  To all:
>>   AOPA's legal services plan is cheep insurance for just such an occasion.
>> Please look in to it. For ATP coverage it's only $90.00 a year (it's cheaper
>> for private and commercial pilots) and they will defend you up to two
>Can I be of service? I'm not an attorney but if the feds are after you
>for no good reason, that is an area I have a lot of experience in
>working with. Our magazine was the one that led the fight for Bob Hoover
>and so many others... and we hate any improper actions on the part of
>the almighty FAA. 
>Jim Campbell--US Aviator Magazine...
>Author: SportPlane Resource Guide--Second Edition
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