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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Difficulty of categories

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Difficulty of categories


Thread: Difficulty of categories

Message: Re: Difficulty of categories

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From: Don Peterson <autotech at>

Date: Wed, 09 Oct 1996 20:05:12 UTC


  Dr. Guenther Eichhorn wrote:
>   I know several people that don't want to fly
> Advanced because of the negative g's, so they stay in
> Intermediate.  They would have to go back to Sportsman to avoid
> negative g's.  

 If you think a category is not challenging enough,
> you can move up.
> Guenther

And from Derek Sherlock

>>>I've just moved up to intermediate, and would hate to have to revert to sportsman because of outside maneuvers in intermediate.<<<

As I suspected, there seems to be a stigma to flying in Sportsman.  We seem to
view this as the kindergarten of categories, and Intermediate where you go when
you don't want to progress any more, but wouldn't be caught dead down in

My proposal would change all of this.  Sportsman would be where limited
performance aircraft fly that do not want to push outside.  Quarter rolls down,
unknowns, and even a few humpties should be included.  A great place to hang out
and enjoy great grass roots competition with your clipped wing Cub, Citabria,
long wing tee craft, or similar aircraft.

Intermediate would be the next step available to limited performance aircraft,
but where the beginning of advanced style maneuvers would be experienced.  No
3/4 vertical rolls or 1/2 rolls with fly offs.  This category would not give an
advantage to high horsepower aircraft, it would merely place a premium of a
broader range of aerobatic piloting skills.  Outside maneuvers would be somewhat
limited, allowing -3 to -4 g's in most aircraft.  A few rolling turns and
inverted spins.

If the only argument agtainst this is "I would hate to move back to Sportsman",
then it is probably a valid suggestion.

As in my earlier post, the IAC seems to have dual missions:  to provide "grass
roots" (recreational) aerobatic competition, and a venue for developing World
level competitors.  This proposal would seem to meet both criterion better than
our current situation.



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