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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Difficulty of categories

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Difficulty of categories


Thread: Difficulty of categories

Message: Re: Difficulty of categories

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From: AcroDrew at

Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 00:10:51 UTC


  We have a good discussion going.  If anyone wants to change criteria for the
known, free or unknown programs, I suggest that he or she make a proposal to
the rules committee chair, Howard Stock.  For your consideration, here are my
thoughts on this for what they're worth:

Sportsman should not be changed.  We have basic for the novices who cannot
quite make the Sportsman category.  Having taught many aerobatic students
with the desire to enter competition at the Sportsman level, my observation
is that it is quite challenging for most.  In fact it can be almost
overwhelming for the first time or second time competitor.  They learn to fly
all Sportsman figures with reasonable precision and learn to recover safely
from all manner of blown maneuvers.  That's a handfull.  What a great
category; high stress on first- and second-timers.  More importantly, that
stress rapidly diminishes as experience is gained.

Then, Intermediate pilots are introduced to unknowns, having to make
decisions on which way to roll (on up or downlines), manage airspeeds for
things like snap rolls, and maintain level inverted flight between figures or
at the top of square loops.  These skills can be a big jump for some pilots
(I was one of them not many years ago).  Intermediate is a great arena for
managing these increased demands in a comfortable environment, i.e. +5 to -1
g's.  That is the operative word, "comfortable."

Advanced is a handful when a person first makes the jump.  My experience both
as a competitor and as an instructor is that once a person gets used to
negative g's, the skills to complete maneuvers develops rapidly.  Keep the
pushes up and pushes out in the Advanced and Unlimited categories.

Unlimited is unlimited.

If we want to increase the difficulty of Intermediate, let's do it with more
combination rolls such as an Immelman with a roll at the bottom and follow
the =-roll at the top with an opposite direction four point roll.  Difficult
- yes for some.  Uncomfortable - no.

Drew Lundgren



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