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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Difficulty of categoriesRe:


Thread: Difficulty of categoriesRe:

Message: Re: Difficulty of categoriesRe:

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From: Don Peterson <autotech at>

Date: Wed, 09 Oct 1996 22:46:25 UTC


  Tom R. Myers wrote:
> The categoies have evolved over time to reflect something like
> the following:
> Sportsman: non-sustained inverted
> Intermediate: non-outside
> Advenced: outside with limited performance
> Unlimited: outside with unlimited performance
> You are proposing to skew the nature of these divisions, which
> I believe will be highly unpopular. To make the categories more
> difficult without changing the nature of the figures would require
> longer sequences. I'm not sure what making the sequences into a
> test of endurance would accomplish. The competitive purpose of a
> contest is to pick the best pilots. I don't think longer sequences
> would add anything to the current process.
> For what its worth, I have authored a rule change proposal that
> will change the third sportsman flight to an unknown. The allowable
> figures would be the ones you normally see in Sportsman sequences.
> I believe that this is a step in the direction that you are aiming
> for. Tom.
> --
> Tom R. Myers
> 415-328-2141
> tomm at

Your view of the current category evolution may be correct, but as we see 
every day, there is often more than one evolution path, and many times 
some are better than others.

Everyone should check out the current and historical UK and 
Czechoslovakian sequences.  Before we state categorically that my 
suggestion won't work, we should realize that it is working just fine in 
other parts of the world.  Change is always met with both reasoned and 
unreasoned resistance.  Doesn't mean that the change isn't for the 

And, I am not at all suggesting longer sequences.  My post specifically 
stated that we SHOULD change the nature of the figures, which would help 
to raise the K of the sequence without making it longer.  Personally, 
knowns in the 12 to 16 figures range don't seem unreasonable, and an 
Intermediate known of perhaps 190 - 200K and a freestyle of 200K would 
fit very nicely with the Sportsman Known of 100 - 115K and the Advanced 
of 282 - 300K.  It seems like a very logical progression.

In response to other posters...

I am not suggesting a "Lot" of outside maneuvers as in advanced.  Perhaps 
one or two per sequence, with one of them being an easy rolling turn or 
inverted turn.

Lets take this year's sequence.  The simple addition of a half cuban with 
no roll and a push out from the descending 45, plus an inverted turn 
would have spiced it right up without being anything at all like 
advanced.  Or add a push out hammer and a one and a half turn inverted 
spin plus rolling 90 degree turn.  Hardly nosebleed material, and very 
much what we might call an "Intermediate" sequence.



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