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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Difficulty of categories

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Difficulty of categories


Thread: Difficulty of categories

Message: Re: Difficulty of categories

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From: ACCassidy at

Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 09:25:04 UTC


  I refer to Don Peterson's suggestions about changing the difficulty factors
in Sportsman and Intermediate.  I am the head of contest organisation in the
UK and also draw most of the Unknowns flown here during the year.

Our approach to Intermediate has always been to employ a wider repertoire of
figures while always bearing in mind the performance characteristics of a
"minimum" aircraft.  Our minimum aircraft for Intermediate is a Stampe with
inverted fuel and oil.  Thus we can include inverted spins and rolling turns,
which require skill not performance.  The extent of vertical up rolls is
limited to 1/4 unless to a hammerhead, and vertical down rolls to a half -
otherwise slow rolling aircraft lose too much height.  

On the negative side, we include push-outs from vertical down without down
rolls, as well as push-ups to 45 and a half outside loop up (7.1.2).  We are
thus able to produce better tests of skill than just a long Sportsman
sequence, while keeping Intermediate open to Stampe/Decathlon level aircraft.

We have Unknowns at Sportsman level at all contests, usually of about 8
figures.  We do not find this causes any safety problems, and is a good test
of pilots' preparedness for competition - as most competent sportsmen get
pretty good at the Known half way through the season.  We don't have a Free
for Sportsman as such, but do require 2 additional figures after the Known at
one contest, so new pilots can get the idea about selecting suitable figures

Most Intermediate contests have a 3-sequence format, but the criteria for the
Free are 10 figures and 140K.  This gives a higher average than 15/175 and
again mitigates against just a long Sportsman sequence.

Our Sportsman and Intermediate knowns are decided for '97 and should appear
soon on our homepage  And of course, we always welcome
overseas competitors to UK contests and can find aircraft for you to rent
without too much difficulty.

Now let's hear what others have to say

Alan Cassidy


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