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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Difficulty of Categories

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Difficulty of Categories


Thread: Difficulty of Categories

Message: Difficulty of Categories

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From: ultimate at (

Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 10:26:11 UTC


  My dollar's worth (inflation):

Add an Unknown to the Sportsman.  Add humpties and sharktooth maneuvers, too
- I don't think I've seen these in Sportsman lately....?  The 1994 Sportsman
sequence had a 3/4 loop, vertical down, positive exit  with no rolls.
Humpties and sharktooth's are no more difficult in energy management than
this if rolls are eliminated.  

Since the Sportsman class has the freestyle OPTION already, don't introduce
a mandatory one.  I think that Drew Lundgren said it very well regarding the
sensory input a new competitor has to deal with and Tom Myers' proposal is
on track for the Sportsman category.

An added plus:  since an Unknown in Sportsman would doubtless be a max of 5
or 6 (or 7) maneuvers, quicker completion of the category might be realized,
much to the relief of harried Contest Directors dealing with spring or
summer storms that limit the available flying hours over a contest weekend.

Intermediate going outside?  Why not?  Don's suggestions keeps it mild
enough.  Drew Lundgren must have been looking at the G-meter in the T-Craft
I fly because I invaribly land with +5 and -1 after an Intermediate sequence
(I mean dead on +5 and -1.  Drew, does this mean I'm doing it right?).
Going to a max of -4 won't challenge this airplane, especially if the lines
are not extended by the addition of rolls and the urge to make line lengths
satisfactory to judges.  I know of a T-Craft and Pilot that would do
inside/outside vertical 8's and outside loops in his T-Craft and he nor the
plane ever threw an inspection cover.  As to the stress on the pilot:  A
friend asked if I remembered the first inside loop I ever did - how it felt
like my cheeks were sagging below my chin?  Yes, I remembered that first
pull, but can't recall that I've felt that feeling at all since those
initial attempts.  So perhaps going outside is a similar adaptation (Just be
sure the other cheeks are not sagging below your chin!).

By the way, since judges typically "cut their teeth" by judging Sportsman
and Intermediate, perhaps a finer edge might be developed by such judges if
they were presented with these slightly more involved figures in these lower
categories with these lower performance a/c.  It will teach that line length
and roll speed is not a criteria as we continually preach.

And one last comment (intended to be humorous):  Don, I withdraw my
suggestion that you get rid of the Stampe.  What I refer to as your "unholy
loyalty to that relic" vanishes if any of these suggestions make it into the
red book.  No motivation here, is there?  

Daryle L. Grounds, CPA


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