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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Difficulty of categories

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Difficulty of categories


Thread: Difficulty of categories

Message: Re: Difficulty of categories

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From: Don Simmons <Don_Simmons at>

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 12:43:45 UTC


  Forgive me for jumping in with both feet....

I am new to competition aerobatics, having flown my first two competitions this year. 
The first in "Basic" and the second in "Sportsman". 

Last night I downloaded the 1997 proposed Sportsman and Intermediate "knowns" and then 
read all the messages in the above mentioned thread to see if the common reaction was 
the same as mine. I had planned to fly Sportsman again next year, but after studying the 
proposed sequences I will probably make the move to Intermediate due to what looks to be 
a very unchallenging Sportsman sequence. In fact, I see nothing in the proposed 
Intermediate sequence that I would not have been prepared to do this year as a first 
time Sportsman competitor, with the snap roll being, perhaps the only exception. I 
wonder if something like the following might be worth considering?

1. Make the Sportsman and Intermediate known sequences identical.
   a.)No Snap or Outside figures etc.

2. Use the unknown sequence to mark the difference between the two categories.
   a.)No Snap or Outside figures in Sportsman unknown.
   b.)No Outside figures in Intermediate unknown.

3. Leave enough latitude in the Freestyle criteria to allow contestants to explore    
   figures normally associated with the next higher level of competition. For    
   example, Sportsman conestants could include snaps in their freestyle and Intermediate 
   contestants could include outside figures if they wished to do so.

I perceive some advantages to this format.

1. The Sportsman and Intermediate knowns could be flowm together, thus saving quite a   
   bit of time. It would also help insure that judging is based on the accuracy of the  
   figures being flown, without regard to the category being flown.

2. It would allow competitors to advance at their own pace as they become comfortable   
   with the more intricate figures.

3. It would provide better competition value for money and time invested particularly at 
   the Sportsman level.

Best regards to all from the "New Kid on the Block"


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