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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Civa positioning


Thread: Civa positioning

Message: Civa positioning

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From: Don Peterson <autotech at>

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 02:00:03 UTC


  And if I hadn't stirred things up enough already...

Do we have any views on the merits of using our strict grid system versus 
the CIVA "Presentation" scoring which seems to award balance about the Y 
axis and pacing over simply placing figures in an imaginary area of the 

Clearly, both are valid and have their merits.

1.  Our grid system is probably easier to judge, and much less subject to 
interpretation and bias.

2.  The CIVA method places a value on artistry over strict geometry.  
Perhaps this is a good thing which our sport (In the US) has drifted away 

3.  As a "grass roots" operation, the grid system is perhaps simpler, and 
lets the pilot concentrate more on each figure rather than making the 
sky-dance a thing-of-a-piece.

4.  As a training ground for future world competitors, our grid system 
forces a last minute re-training when a competitor earns a place on the 
team and enters the world arena.  Are we short changing ourselves?

5.  I note that Luca mentioned that Advanced and Unlimited in Italy use 
no box.  Perhaps he would expound on the merits of this.

6.  I like having a small acro box.  It's one of the items in which we 
enjoy a technical advantage. (hee hee)



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