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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: From the outside looken in


Thread: From the outside looken in

Message: From the outside looken in

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From: "Peter A. O'Sullivan" <paosulli at>

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 15:07:08 UTC


  I have yet to day will come.....but about 6 months ago I
read a flurry of comments about how to make acro and aviation safer.

Isn't there some sort of qualifying checklist that and entrant in
basic or sportsman might have to pass before being allowed to
complete?  I can recover from inverted spins, and I would not think
of allowing someone to execute a hammer (solo) without being
competent at same.

It seems like such a obviously needed requirement.  You need to pass
a number of steps before you take an FAA flight test , why would it
not be simular to complete in 'low level' acro?


>>> Stephen E. Billester <103137.1556 at CompuServe.COM> - 10/11/96 4:46
AM >>>

I was doing sloppy hammerheads for a long time before I understood
that if you get over onto your back on the upline, you're probably
going to spin inverted
(negative angle of attack, stick forward, full rudder). I don't think
most basic pilots will be prepared for this. I wasn't, I was just
lucky; frankly I don't think my original instructors (non-IAC, twenty
years ago) were even aware of the possibility.

And it DOES happen. A couple of years ago I watched an S2B in
Sportsman spin inverted from a poor over-on-the-back hammerhead. The
safety pilot recovered and the flight was zeroed.

When I occasionally do akro training I introduce hammers after the
person is well oriented, can do a decent up-line and AFTER they've
demonstrated inverted spin recovery. 

##Steve Billester


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