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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Let's get real

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Let's get real


Thread: Let's get real

Message: Let's get real

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: abnt at (dick smart)

Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 13:43:20 UTC


  1.  How many of you have had to coax a new aerobatic club member to at least 
try the Basic secquence?  You would have thought that you had asked them to 
land on a carrier at night.  With this sort of reluctance, why would we even
consider adding hammerheads, which are too dangerous for true Basic category

2.  How about creating two Knowns for Sportsman category?  This would
provide a better demonstration of each pilot's flying performance than would
flying the same Known twice.   

3.  For the Intermediate Free I suggest that we allow a repeat of one basic
figure and raise the K-factor to give pilots an option to include slightly
more difficult figures as a natural transition toward the Advanced category.

4.  For safety, pilots who fly Advanced maneuvers should be strongly advised
to fly at least three times each week to maintain G tolerances.

5.  No adjustments to the current rules should be made to accommodate pilots
whose aircraft are not suited to their preferred category.  Such changes
would allow a minority of competitors to dictate to the majority of pilots
who sensibly fly in the categories best suited to the performance
capabilities of their aircraft.

6.  For those dissatisfied with the rules as they are, four choices exist:
a.) Move up, b.) move down, c.) more practice, and d.) buy another aircraft.

7.  More options and fewer mandatory figures should be considered in each

8.  I think we should adopt the slogan I saw exiting the ski lift at Wolf

9.  Besides we have other important things to consider.  For example, what
if Texas beats Oklahoma again this weekend.

Happy flying,
Dick Smart


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