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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Spt Unkn - R. Rose

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Spt Unkn - R. Rose


Thread: Spt Unkn - R. Rose

Message: Spt Unkn - R. Rose

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From: Don Peterson <autotech at>

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 16:34:13 UTC


  BDS0KWP at wrote:
> For a number of years I had been proposing a rule to allow an optional unknown
> for sportsman pilots. One set of trophies would be given for the known and the
> free and another just for the unknown. This would allow veteran sportsman
> competitors to fly an unknown. New competitors could just fly the first two
> programs. An extra trophy seems to be a small price to pay for some extra
> competition.
> Any merit?
> Ray Rose
> PS.  I have not yet proposed it this year.

I did not publish my full submission to the rules committee, but the goal of it
was to increase the flexibility on the part of a contest organizer to offer more
than just one contest format.

Why should there be only one format?  Why not allow a sponsoring chapter the
option, for example, to either offer an unknown to sportsmen, or not.  By
publishing the contents of the contest beforehand, a potential competitor could
decide whether it was witin their grasp and interest.  Some rank novices may
choose to not attend an event where unknowns were to be flown, but I think we all
would be surprised if they didn't come even if just to watch and learn.  While not
universal, we tend to be competitive people in this sport, and are drawn to
challenging things.

I have also suggested a "3 minute frestyle" format for non-unlimited competitors,
and the option to change the order of flight by moving the unknowns ahead of the
frees.  Again, my goal is not to change the format, it is to increase the
flexibility and options so that many formats me be offered.

I suspect there will be the requisite number of submissions crying that there will
be dead bodies littering the contest sites if we do this, but we must remember - a
published contest format beforehand will allow a free citizen and member of the
IAC to decide whether they want to come or not.  There are no victims in this.



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