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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: My 3cents worth


Thread: My 3cents worth

Message: My 3cents worth

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From: "Darwin Jones" <acropilot at>

Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 23:47:42 UTC


  Well I wasn't going a say nottin but after some thought, I just could not 

I personally would not be opposed increasing the difficulty for the 
because it is the final home for many people not wanting to go for a cat which
requires more performance and negitive stuff. but the increase should only be
if an increase in A/C performance is not  required. A 150hp Citab. should be
able complete the sequence. I don't want the sport to require more and more
A/C performance, Unlimited excluded. How about a rolling 90deg turn. 
Snap on a loop these would not require additional performance.

I see nothing wrong with the Sportsman of The current Basic cat.

As for the 20/20 thing. When we believe we have a quality problem we should
first find the root cause. I have been assisting and listening to some judges 
this year. Some people still don't know what a Decathlon looks like going 
straight up at zero lift. My vision meets the 20/20 thing corrected but I 
somtimes am not sure of an angle or how much over snapped somthing.
I believe that experience is more important.    

The bottom line is that there is no evidence that 20/20 is required. Get the 
data first then lets discuss it.

As for a C150 Aerobat, a call to Cessna to get the data confirmed that 
concern for the tail slide is the reason for no hammer, Yes it will hammer.

Darwin Jones


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