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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: IAC Judging & "Grow Up"

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: IAC Judging & "Grow Up"


Thread: IAC Judging & "Grow Up"

Message: IAC Judging & "Grow Up"

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From: vulcan at

Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 01:55:45 UTC


  1)	When you look to the judges as the reason that you lost, you will 
continue to lose.  The reason is quite cannot change the judges 
and you ignore the easiest thing to change, namely the quality of your flying.

2)	When we consider who is doing the best job (the judges or the 
contestants) we see that the contestants usually fly between 60% and 85%.  
Contestant error rates are, then, between 15% and 40%.  When we look at the 
judges scatter diagrams after full TBL processing has been applied, we see that 
the judges scatter is usually less than +/- 3/4 of a point, or approximately TEN 
TIMES BETTER THAN THE COMPETITORS.  Our judging system (Raw numbers from the 
judges) and (numerical processing system = TBL) is working great!  Ask Mike 
Heuer or your assigned director to verify this.

3)	Consider yourself lucky to have received this tip on how to win.  Your 
judges are 10 times better than you are and they are backed up by a good data 
processing system to eliminate what few errors that they do make.  GO PRACTICE!

Bert Berrong
Brighton, Colorado


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