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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Accident Investigation Committee


Thread: Accident Investigation Committee

Message: Accident Investigation Committee

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From: "Robert B. Johnson" <102501.1146 at CompuServe.COM>

Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 19:18:09 UTC


  Dear IACers and Aerobatics Enthusiasts,
I would like to introduce myself to those of you who have not seen my posts on
this server or who have not met me at the Ohio Aerobatic Open.  I am the Safety
Director at IAC chapter 34, and am the Squadron Safety Officer at the 162nd
Fighter Squadron located at Springfield, OH.  I have recently been given the
awesome task of chairing to IAC Accident Investigation Committee, and am in need
of your help!  With note to the disastrous recent history in our sport it has
been decided by the IAC President to put together a group to explore the causes
of the recent high accident rate and propose solutions to bring this rate down
to near zero.  The U.S. Air National Guard suffered  a similar rapid increase in
its accident rate five (5) years ago and a similar focus group was convened.
In brief, it was determined that almost all units had underwent aircraft
conversions (i.e. they upgraded to the latest generation fighters F-15,16) and
lost a lot of their older talent. In the end with much work and changing their
complete culture towards safety, their accident rate went from 5.75 accidents
per 100,000 flying hour to just above 1.0.  We as a group at IAC are undergoing
much of the same changes,  many new faces and a lot of newer generation high
performance aircraft.  Therefore I will propose to President Rihn a similar
focus by this committee.

Here is where we need your help.  First, to determine our accident rate, we need
to know the amount of time that we fly each year.  This time needs to be in
terms of operations directly related to aerobatics including cross countries to
contests and time flown in practice.  If any one knows how we could determine
this number please contact me.  Second when there is an accident we need to know
as soon as possible as many particulars as you can give us.  Please send this
information to me via e-mail or by phone (so keep this post for future
reference).  Third, and this is MOST important.  When you have an incident, you
must SHARE its happenings with us!  What you learn could save someones life in
the future who was not as fortunate with their luck as you.  PLEASE contact me
and I guarantee confidentiality. 

Thank you for your help, together we can make this sport as safe as it is great.

Remember you can only tie the record for flying LOW!

R. Bruce Johnson 
 (614) 876-9985
4696 Brittonhurst Dr.
Hilliard,  Ohio  43026
102501,1146 at


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