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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: DeMars Aero Report


Thread: DeMars Aero Report

Message: DeMars Aero Report

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From: vulcan at

Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 23:54:59 UTC


  General Report to All,
	I went up to DeMars Aero this afternoon to check out the circumstances 
&/or gosip from the net lately.  These seem to be the salient facts:

1)	John Askeland bought out Dick so he could do more fishing in 1993.  He 
had been working for Dick as his "main man" for approximately the 10 yrs 
preceding.  Dick still drops by, but infrequently to work in the shop.  He is 
hauling furniture at this moment "up North".

2)	John is a mechanical engineer and worked in the oil patch for 
Schlumberger before he went to work for Dick.

3)	Business is good.  John & employees (I saw two of them) are working on 
20+ engines now, of which I could see at least 7.  He says that they are 25+% 
ahead of last year's revenues with two full months yet to go this year.

4)	They are enlarging the South half of their current building to 
accomodate the specialty engine work.  If you have something in the shop you are 
concerned about, call John directly at 970-484-0871.  They are not taking in any 
more jobs which require removal and remounting of the engine (airplane jobs).

Best Regards to All
Bert Berrong
Brighton, Colorado


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