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Thread: ACBC

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From: glepore at (Guido Lepore)

Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 21:59:43 UTC


  ACBC is the Aerobatic Club of British Columbia.  We should have our home
page up and running in a few days.  There will be a pointer to it in the
IAC home page.

We had our wrap-up flying day last Sunday at Abbotsford Airport.   Next
year's Intermediate Known was the sequence used by all to fly as an
Unknown. In the hard-fought aerial contest, August Pociwaushek was the
unofficial winner of our unofficial contest, even though he mistook the 180
turn for a split S - and then had to let it coast for  a while before he
could do the snap.  Most impressive flight came from Les Mitchell who,
being the sporting Englishman that he is, decided in all fairness that as
an Unlimited pilot he should fly the whole sequence inverted as a handicap.
And he did. Almost perfectly.  We  were most impressed with the capacity
of his header tank.

The GVRD (our municipal-level of government) that has taken over Delta
Airpark as part of its regional park  program.  It has renamed it the
"Delta Heritage Air Park" and  the RAA has a four year contract to operate
it.  A happy co-existence of bird-watchers and pilots.  (actually, being a
foreshore area and duck/pheasant season, pickup-trucks with shotguns across
the back windows outnumber the bird-watcher's Volvos and Caravans in the
parking lot).  In their first move as Big Government, we weren't permitted
to hold our Guy Fawkes bonfire at Delta and so  we went to Walt Davidson's
private airstrip at Fort Langley instead.  A real good burn with fireworks
followed an afternoon of strafing.  Four fire-trucks showed up to dampen
things (didn't YOU talk to the fire-chief yesterday? Me neither.  Hey, who
threw the match anyway?) but we were able to flame out the year in good

We'll be keeping an eye out on NavCanada (the privatization of ATC) and
their fee structure for all things relating to ATC.  When my kids want to
learn to fly I hope it won't have to be from a co-operative farmer's field
on moonlit nights, but I don't know.

Guido Lepore
glepore at     .   .  .  . .._ _////


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