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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Fwd: Re: TWA 800 Crash]


Thread: [Fwd: Re: TWA 800 Crash]

Message: [Fwd: Re: TWA 800 Crash]

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From: scott perdue <ScottPerdue at>

Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 12:58:36 UTC


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> >>Subject: Friendly Fire?

Dear fellow IACers... I've got to cast some sand on this fire....

This whole 'friendly fire' episode  should be taken WITH an ENORMOUS 
grain of sand...

The US Military doesn not test live missles (with or without warhead) in 
the vicinity of civilian traffic... I'm not kidding ,not part of a 
coverup! We go to enormous lengths to test fire missiles only in 
extremely controlled conditions... no boats in the area (over water, 
noone on the range if overland... and both of these in verrrry 
restricted areas- safety and security reasons). No aircraft are allowed 
other than those firing or chasing... only drones are used as targets 
(these are flown by radio control and are instrumented with telemetry to 
determine miss distance) people ARE never used as targets. I gotta say 
that again... people are never used as targets and no test would have 
occured if any civilian traffic was anywhere near the test area. I'll 
stake whatever you like on that!

We may be a lot of things, but we aren't frivolous or extremely stupid 
(sometimes vacuous yes), and we do not risk lives for no reason. This 
message may not be a joke, but I can garruntee it is not based on fact, 
coincdental proximity aside.

I dare say that anyone every connected to the military or governement 
would ever believe that they were capable of A) the incredible precison 
and competency shown in movies (especially Clancy movies) and B) that 
any coverup would last more than a week or two... there are just to many 
folks invovled in any excersize or incident to keep wraps on... This 
farce doesn't pass the common sense test at all... Please do not waste 
your time believing this harumscarem...

The above doesn't bar an accident... Please, lets not rush to 
judgment... I've been involved in two accident investigations and it 
took months to figure out what happend--- WHEN WE HAD ALL THE PIECES... 
patience is the name of the game regarding TWA 800.

Sorry for the soapbox,


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