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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: British Aerobatic Calendar 1997

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: British Aerobatic Calendar 1997


Thread: British Aerobatic Calendar 1997

Message: British Aerobatic Calendar 1997

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From: Gareth Roberts <info at>

Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 00:14:04 UTC


  British Aerobatic Association Calendar 1997

	1997 promises to be a very busy year for Aerobatics in the UK.
  Not only do we have a record 18 of our own events, inlcuding the AGM, but
  we will also be active at other events such as the PFA rally (the British 
  equivalent to OSHKOSH), as well as helping out our friends at the Stampe Club
  and Moth Rally and doubtless mucking in elsehwhere as required. 
     In addition to the usual contests, 1997 will see no less than 5 Training
  camps , and remeber, these events are open to all classes, costs are not yet 
  determined but will be in the region of 40-50 GBP (Excl. Lodging etc.) . 
  It ought to prove valuable for Pilots and judges alike, whatever their level of
  comfort. This year we are also holding 2 Glider Aerobatic (and judging) training
  weekends, and hope at the end of each to hold a small contest. 
    There will probably be more events and, while most dates are final, there may 
  yet be keep checking the page for updates. You will find the first
  draft of the calendar at the WWW site
  keep this url bookmarked, from here, links will be placed to programmes, sequences
  and results. 
     The BAeA are always keen to see new faces, and especially so from other 
  countries, so if you can make it over here for any of these contests or events
  please try to come along, Maybe you are an airline pilot on a layover or have
  jump seat availability to get over here for the weekend...maybe you are visiting 
  on business or you just want to see how we do things....either way please come 
  along...we really will be pleased to see you.....No Airplane? well, dont worry 
  I'm sure we can work something out (although we are very short of EXTRA's at the
  moment). We are always keen to assist in any way we can, and together we can move
  a whole lot of obstacles. Either contact myself of our head of Contest, ALAN
  CASSIDY (ACCASSIDY at AOL.COM) for further details. Do please consider paying us a
  a visit ...'cos then we are more likely to reciprocate !

  Blue Skies and Happy Landings

Gareth Roberts , Press Officer: British Aerobatic Association
 EMail:'info at'
'Hirons', 25 Olney Rd., Emberton, Olney, Bucks MK46 5BX
 Tel: 01234-713245 (eve), 01908-213751 (day) 0831-684567 (mobile)


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