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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Mr. John Ford

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Mr. John Ford


Thread: Mr. John Ford

Message: Mr. John Ford

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From: dalelama at (Dale Evans)

Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 16:51:24 UTC


  In the short few years that I had the pleasure of knowing John, it was
obvious, he was a great friend of aerobatics. As team manager, contest
starter (he was an institution at Sebring) and drinking buddy, he always
said it like it was, regardless of what anyone else thought, a true
"straight shooter"!

At the WAC in August, I spent most of my time on the starting line with John
and Bill Larson. The stories went on and on, and John's stories weren't
about him, they were always about other folks and events....he didn't blow
his own horn. I've never laughed so hard!

 In Oklahoma, he gave me a copy of "The History of the US Aerobatic
Team...according to John". This work lists all the people involved with the
US and the WAC. At that time I suggested that he publish this history on the
internet. He wasn't interested in making it available to the world, just his
friends. Even after sharing a bottle of wine with him at the awards banquet,
I wasn't able to convince him. I wasn't able to stand up either!

Last week at the Bartow contest (John was there as Starter) I again asked.
This time he said he would like for me to place the history on the net. We
made arrangements to meet in Miami, in a few weeks, to do just that.
Unfortunatley, that meeting will have to wait until the future...............

Tonite, I will sit down and create a web site for John and his fine work. I
will publish the address in the next day or so. The History will also be
available on the new USAF web site, as soon as the domain registration is

John will be missed....and Sebring will never be the same again.........

Dale Evans          
I.A.C. #23 Pompano Bch.           
I.A.C. #37 Miami/Homestead


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