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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: CIVA 1996


Thread: CIVA 1996

Message: CIVA 1996

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From: "Michael R. Heuer" <70263.1676 at CompuServe.COM>

Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 15:14:42 UTC



Here is a very brief synopsis of the CIVA meeting in Austria on November 16-17:


These changes to Sporting Code and CIVA Regulations are for powered aircraft
only.  While written for Unlimited (WAC), they will be implemented into Advanced
(AWAC) regulations where applicable and appropriate:

1.  Top quarter of the pilots (with a maximum of 20) will fly Programme 4 (4
minute) at the WAC.  No differentiation between men and women.  Combined
standings will be used to cut the field.

2.  Members of Teams can now draw order of flight for pilots who are absent from
the drawing of lots.

3.  All Teams' reserve pilots will be used as "warm up" pilots in an equitable

4.  Unknown figures selected by national aero clubs cannot be less than 15K.

5.  The Board of Judges will now be located a minimum of 150 meters and a
maximum of 250 meters from the box.

6.  The Known flight will now be a "Qualifying Flight".  For purposes of
discussion, we are calling it "Programme Q".  Results from this flight will not
be counted toward the Championships.  Pilots not achieving 60% will not continue
in the competition unless due to "special circumstances" (like flying the
sequence backward).  Training flights are eliminated (saving 2-3 days).

7.  Programme 1 is now the Free; Programme 2 is an Unknown; Programme 3 is a
new, added Unknown (organizers are authorized to cut up to a maximum of 50% of
the pilots for this program); and Programme 4 remains the 4 Minute Final Free.
Two of these programs must be completed for the Championships to be complete.
Obviously, new emphasis is placed on Unknowns.

8.  Order of flight will be determined by drawing of lots in Programme Q and
Programme 1, as per current regulations.  For Programme 2, the order of flight
will be based on the rank order of pilots from Programme 1.  Pilots with higher
placings will fly at the end.   For subsequent programs, the combined standings
will be used to determine the order of flight.  The purpose of this new
regulation is to fly pilots together with similar skills and in similar
weather/wind conditions.

9.  The Chief Judge, with the agreement of two-thirds majority of the Judges,
can now disqualify a pilot for unsafe flying.  This begins from take-off until

10.  Teams just provide a Judge with a qualified Assistant.  Judges who do not
provide Assistants will not judge.  This will not be the responsibility of the

11.  All Judges present at the Championships will judge Programme Q (no limit on
number as in the past).  Judge Performance Factors (JPF's) will be determined
after this program and the top ten judges will be selected for subsequent
judging for the remainder of the competition.

12.  Various Family 8 figures were restricted against use in the Known and Free
Programs since the implementation of the FAI Aerobatic Catalogue in 1987.  These
restrictions are now lifted and pilots are free to use them.  See CIVA
Regulations and  

13.  Modifications were made to the TBL system to make it less sensitive.  The
situation which occured at WAC this year whereby a pilot who was 60+ in the
standings had a score changed with this altering the final standings at the top
will no longer occur.  The new TBL is called "TBLP" or "TBL Progressive".  

14.  Team awards are now to be given at AWAC.

15.  Organizers are now required to give medals to winning Teams at WAC.

16.  Substantial changes were made to the FAI Aerobatic Catalogue.  New figures
are added which were added to the glider catalogue last year.

17.  Proposals to eliminate boundary judges made by Italy and France did not

18.  A proposal from the President to eliminate men's and women's divisions was
"floated" as an idea before subcommittees.  Even though the "straw poll" showed
a small majority in favor of the elimination of gender differentiation at WAC's,
the President withdrew his proposal because of its controversial nature.  It
will be presented again at a later date.


1.  The British proposal for Advanced was adopted for 1997.

2.  The Itallian proposal for Unlimited was adopted for 1997.

These sequences will appear in the January issue of SPORT AEROBATICS.  If you
have obtained a copy of them already from your Delegate, there are various
errors in catalogue numbers and K factors which will be corrected in the

Future Championships

Plans are proceeding for the World Air Games in Turkey in September 1997.
Anyone wishing to attend the event should contact their Delegate or the
President of CIVA for applications and entry fee information.  We now have a
complete set of forms for this purpose.

World Air Games (WAG) Chief Judge for power will be John Gaillard of South
Africa. Glider Chief Judge will be Peter Wanschura of Germany.  Two separate
International Juries will operate for power and glider with Mike Heuer and Karl
Berger serving and Presidents, respectively.

The WAC is set for Slovakia in 1998.  Location is Trencin, northeast of
Bratislava.  No dates or further information is available.  The Slovaks will
report back to CIVA on their plans next November.

AWAC is set for July 1997 in the USA.  CIVA elected the Chief Judge and
International Jury for the event.  Chief Judge will be John Gaillard of South
Africa.  Jury will be Mike Heuer (President), Jiri Kobrle, Kasum Nazhmudinov,
Helmut Stas, and Carole Holyk.  

Both France and Germany have expressed interest in hosting a WAC in the year


All incumbent Officers of CIVA were re-elected without opposition:

President - Mike Heuer (USA)
1st Vice President - Jiri Kobrle (Czech Republic)
2nd Vice President - Jacques Godbille (France)
3rd Vice President - Kasum Nazhmudinov (Russia)
Vice President, Gliders - Karl Berger (Austria)
Secretaries - Veva Becker (USA) and Liz Cook (Australia)

Rules Subcommittee: Jiri Kobrle (Chairman); Kasum Nazhmudinov; John Tuvefalk;
Diana Britten; Liz Cook; Jacques Godbille; Rudy Penteado; and Bob Davis.

Judging Subcommittee: Hermann Liese (Chairman); Hans Bauer; Patrick Paris;
Helmut Stas; John Gaillard; Alexander Schpigovsky; and Howard Stock.

Glider Aerobatics: Karl Berger (Chairman); Madelyne Delcroix; Jerzy Makula;
Lionel Sole; Carlo Marchetti; Manfred Echter; and Ludwig Fuss.

Site Survey Team: James Black (Chairman); Madelyne Delcroix; John Tuvefalk; and
Frank Versteegh.

Medical Advisor: Dr. Richard Williams


The meeting was well attended (over 50 people and 26 nations) and productive.
The 1997 meeting is set for November 8-9 and will take place in Paris or Munich.

Anyone with any questions on these points should contact me.

Mike Heuer
President of CIVA


© Dr. Günther Eichhorn
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