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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Citabria 7ECA for Sale (Trade for Pitts S1S)

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Citabria 7ECA for Sale (Trade for Pitts S1S)


Thread: Citabria 7ECA for Sale (Trade for Pitts S1S)

Message: Citabria 7ECA for Sale (Trade for Pitts S1S)

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From: SCHRICK_Mark/usa_carrollton_ca at

Date: Mon, 09 Dec 1996 18:12:07 UTC


I have a Citabria for sale or Trade:

1967 7ECA
115 Hp (0-235 C1)
1600 TT AF
380 SMOH

Compresion 74 and above

Painted for the movie "Taskeggee Airmen" for ground observation (background)

King Radios

Always hangerd since new.

$25,000 or trade for Pitts S1S or other competitive aircraft.

Mark Schrick
San Jose, Ca
(408) 266-1599

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Subject: citabria
Author:  iac-request at smtp/DD.RFC-822=iac-request at
Date:    12/7/96 4:28 AM

Hi Mike
        First let me apologize, sorry, there. I was watching the IAC thread and
came across your message regarding your 115 HP citabria. I am 
considering a similar machine or maybe a 150 hp citabria or decathalon. 
I own a 172 now and have flown scale aerobatic models at the advanced 
IMAC level for years. Rather than answers to your questions I have a lot 
of my own (hence the apology).
-Is the 115 hp (there's one for sale near here) a good entry level 
aerobatic machine or would you start with one more powerful with an 
inverted system if you bought again?
-I've been reading about the difference in airfoils and angle of tail 
incidence between the citabria and decathalon. How significant are these 
to roll rates and inverted ability? I've read that decathalon rolls 
twice as fast as a citabria?
- Inverted systems - are they a must?
- Cracks in wing spars - how do you check if your considering purchase? 
- I haven't found many good internet sites or groups on the 
citabria/decathlon, are there good ones I'm missing?
- I'd enjoy reading any details of your experiences with your machine. 
I've been up in a Pitts and a couple of citabria's but I'm still trying 
to get a feel for aerobatics (while strapped in and not wiggling the 
sticks on a transmitter).
Mike, I'm posting this to the thread as well, others must have these 
questions and answers?
Jeremy Dann
Nova Scotia, Canada
ps: I was in Texas in the spring - loved it - Galveston flight museum 
was excellent!
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