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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Brainstorm Product Idea (fwd)


Thread: Brainstorm Product Idea (fwd)

Message: Brainstorm Product Idea (fwd)

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From: Herman Dierks <dierks at>

Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 22:50:59 UTC


  The Russian Yak 55's are suppose to have some black box flight
 recorder and they can dump the data (to a PC I suppose) to
 analize the flight.  A Yak pilot at nationals said his 55 had
 the black box but he had never used it.
 It would be interesting to know what the Russians did with their
 black box (i.e. what info they recorded). 
 These are not the latest acro planes so this black box technology
 may be out of date.

 Many of us fly without any ground observers so it would be
 nice to have some method of obtaining data for some form of
 self evaluation.  I don't know if what you are proposing could
 do that or not and what it might cost, but I think there is a
 need for some self evaluation tool.

 dierks at

> Hi,
>   For those who do not like to brainstorm new product ideas please
> discard with my apologies. 
>   Thanx to all who responded to my previous enquiry about the
> (acceleration monitor) G meter idea. The response was mostly
> enthusiastic but small. It seems there is not enough interest in that
> idea for a commercial product but it has generated a better (another
> dumb?) idea.
>   It occured to me that multi axis acceleration information is the basis
> for inertial airline guidance systems, and that a small device ( 3 lb )
> that was carried in an aerobatic plane to record multi axis acceleration
> could easily download to a PC and play back the entire routine in 3D
> graphics with partial replay, slow mo and zoom in capability. It seems
> to me this would be a good tool to study and polish your routines.
>   Is anybody interested in this idea?
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