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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Fwd: President's Council


Thread: Fwd: President's Council

Message: Fwd: President's Council

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From: DickieJr at

Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 18:23:46 UTC


Forwarded message:
Subj:    President's Council
Date:    96-12-14 12:47:11 EST
From:    DickieJr
To:      IAC at

Perusing the recent e-mail traffic regarding board minutes, posting of
unknowns, etc., it appears obvious to me that the seeds of discontent have
been sown within this organization. As in any large organization, the IAC has
many competing factions with differing agendas, ideas and viewpoints. Each
has a different vision of what the IAC is, or should be. Some feel it should
be primarily concerned with grassroots aerobatic development, others feel
selection of Unlimited and Advanced aerobatic teams is of paramount
importance. All of these points of view have merits, but it appears to me
that the membership at large feels disconnected from the policy and decision
making processes within the IAC. Frankly, many feel that they have no voice
within this organization.

The often offerred solution is to "call or write your director and let him
know how you feel" or, "hey, propose a rules change and submit it to the
board". These solutions would be workable if the majority of the membership
felt that their suggestions would be given a fair hearing on an equal footing
with those proposed by the ruling junta itself. Unfortunately, it appears
that most of the membership lacks confidence that this has, or will, occur. 

A large part of the problem seems to be geography. For example, the Director
 charged with representing my chapter resides almost 1000 miles away. I doubt
seriously if he would recognize very many of my fellow chapter members on
sight, and just as surely has never had a conversation with most of them.
This is not his fault, and this is not meant in any way to be an attack on
any particular director . (He is, in fact, a very pleasant gentleman)  I only
use this as an illustration of the apparent gap which exists between the
leadership of this organization and a large portion of it's membership.

Let us briefly examine history. Our forefathers in Boston threw a "tea party"
with the rallying cry "no taxation without representation". They felt
disconnected from their "leadership", too. And, lest we forget what we so
proudly trumpeted in our own magazine within the past year, please take a
look at the history of our own IAC. This organization was founded as a direct
result of discontent with our predecessor organization, the ACA. Let us not
allow history to repeat itself through complacency or inattention.

To address these concerns, I propose the creation of a new legislative body,
the "President's Council", to be composed of the president of each IAC
chapter, with one vote each to cast on behalf of their chapter members. This
body would work alongside the Board of Directors and function much as the
House does to the Senate within our federal government. It seems to me that
most of us embrace the concept of "checks and balances" within our
government, so why not try it within our own organization? This might help
serve to alleviate the concerns of many that their ideas have no forum for

I realize that this concept would place an additional layer of administrative
complexity on the IAC infrastructure. There may be other problems as well,
which I am sure will be pointed out to me as soon as I hit the "send mail"
icon. There are no simple solutions when dealing with the issues of an
organization as wide-ranging and complex as the IAC. Please consider this
proposal carefully. If nothing else, it gives us a new topic to run through
the e-mail gin mill during these cold winter months. 

Thanks for listening.         


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