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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Italian Aerobatic Pilots Meeting

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Italian Aerobatic Pilots Meeting


Thread: Italian Aerobatic Pilots Meeting

Message: Italian Aerobatic Pilots Meeting

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From: Salvadori Luca <lsalvadori at>

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 14:51:00 UTC


To close the series of consultive meetings promoted by NAC Commission for 
Powered Flight, Milan hosted on Dec 14 a meeting of Italian Aerobatic 
Pilots. You may easily argue what's the matter: rules, National Team and so 
After a detailed report of CIVA Delegate, Giorgio Marangoni, about 
Commission activities and changes to international rules, focus shifted on 
meeting's key points.
A long and hot discussion lead to the formulation of several proposal, 
approved by the majority, to be submitted to NAC for national rules change:
1 - Maintain present championship formula (qualification contests and 
2 - Categories separation to equate numbe of participant pilots at a aontest 
(i.e. Sportsmen + Unlimited, Advanced + Intermediate);
3 - No boundary judges for all categories and tolerated simplified box on 
the ground, to ease organization efforts;
4 - "Unknown Unknowns" for Advanced and Unlimited, i.e. without figures 
proposal by pilots, to avoid "coalitions" and tricks;
5 - "Lots drawing" for Unknowns in Sportsmen and Intermediate;
6 - One only Unknown for Unlimited, compulsory for Contest validation;
7 - Two proposals for 1997 National Team selection, depending on validation 
of 1996 Unlimited Championship:
 - PROPOSAL "Maurizio Costa": Sum two best results among Cuneo 1996  and 
first two 1997 contests (in case Championship is not valid);
 - PROPOSAL "Ruggero Rossini": First 3 pilots of 1996 Championship, remaining 
2 pilots as per sum of results of first two 1997 contests (in case 
Championship is valid);
8 - Inclusion and exclusion of some figures from Sportsmen and Intermediate 
Catalogues, following proposals of Dallan, Poli and Marzetti.
As you can see, we have stuff for everyone. Now, at work!

     Italian Aerobatic Team
     Milan - Italy


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