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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Aircraft pictures


Thread: Aircraft pictures

Message: Aircraft pictures

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From: Tim Bastian <timothy607 at>

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 20:08:18 UTC



 What type of aircraft are you looking for? Pitts, just Biplanes or all acro

     Timothy S. Bastian,

>As posted recently, I'm in a life or death battle (life without flight is
>death) with the FAA  and local lawenforcement on alleged akro improprieties.
> I don't want to waste your time, here, belaboring the details but suffice it
>to say I am pulling out all the stops.  One of my techniques will be to have
>an investigator show multiple photos of aerobatic planes to the four 911
>callers to see if they can identify the offending aircraft.  (One has already
>recanted her statement, by the way.)
>This being the off-season, I'm having a hard time getting multiple pictures.
> If you have any shots of akro aircraft, in flight or on the ground, and can
>spare them, I'd be most appreciative if you would send them to me.  In fact,
>if you want them back, a note with them will ensure their safe return to you.
>The most recent issue of FLYING magazine has a very appropriate article on
>the FAA's swing toward heavy handed enforcement proceedings.  I can tell you
>first hand that the article does not overstate the momentum of this
>pendulum's swing toward instant and unwarranted Emergency Revocations.  There
>is no discussion, no reasoning, no negotiation and no explanation.
>If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it.
>Bill Bancroft
>P.O. Box 5487
>Orange, Ca 92867
>n77tw at


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