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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: G-suit, Parachute, Oxygen?

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: G-suit, Parachute, Oxygen?


Thread: G-suit, Parachute, Oxygen?

Message: G-suit, Parachute, Oxygen?

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From: "Kurt O. Haukohl" <TwoWing6 at>

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 23:41:09 UTC



We think-HOPE Rothmans is just using those old gas masks to look cool or for
the really cheap microphones in the base.  A couple of really smoky shows
require clean air in the cabin to breathe too, so maybe they just wanted
some filtered air.  If they are in fact using oxygen.... well this is pretty
nuts in an aerobatic plane. 

A G-Suit does not work for competition.  It might help for a fighter jock
PULLING lots of +++POSITIVE Gs, but they can't exactly put a pressure helmet
on your head, so they are useless in one direction completely; not much help
in the other.  Duration of G loads is the biggy.  Our duration being short!
In the south, the heat alone might kill you... these things don't breathe.
Pressure suits have been tried and failed.

Parachutes are required by the IAC for competition, and the FAA under lots
of different circumstances.   Most wear them because of the rules or legal
requirements.  There are many times where they do save pilots and

We still find it curious the ONLY "IAC" required safety equipment components
are a parachute and a seat belt.  Kind of loony, but heck our directors
don't want more.  It might have something to do with an EAA/IAC aversion to
regulation and that EASY RIDER sort of free thinking spirit.  We are pretty
sure our rulers don't want more death and destruction because now they got a
"special committee" to investigate the obvious.  You might think a helmet, a
fire suit, and a fire extinguisher somewhere might be smart.  Soon, the IAC
might even look into structural integrity, materials, design, fatigue, and
loading!  Sadly, it won't matter what the IAC Board learns though.  After
discrediting the investigators and scientists nothing will change here.
Wouldn't you just laugh if the Board decided a helmet could be good for your
head?  Wild Huh!  This is where we are today... 1996.

Gustavo, are you a beginner in aerobatics?  In the U.K.?   What are you
initial impressions of this group?
My advice to you, would be to do everything prudent, practical, and tested
that you can think of to make the sport safest for YOURSELF.  Nobody here
with a brain will tell you differently, the ravers will only tell you what
it costs, or they can't.... because they essentailly don't want to.  Some
just have what you might call that need for wind in their hair.  Take care
of yourSELF, this is a solo sport with lots of cruddy advice available.


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