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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Unlimited Judges, etc


Thread: Unlimited Judges, etc

Message: Unlimited Judges, etc

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From: Don Peterson <autotech at>

Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 04:41:35 UTC


  The BOD minutes plus these posts got me thinking.  I have no stake in 
this directly (yet?) but am wondering about the whole team selection 

As I recall the gist of the minutes, it was made clear that the ASF was 
responsible for picking ("inviting"?) the team members.  I also seem to 
recall that somewhere in the dark past that the NAA delegated that 
authority to the IAC.  The ASF was created to provide funding and 
organization, but was not necessarily responsible for picking the team.

If this is (was?) so, then shouldn't the method of team selection and 
judges selection still reside with the IAC and therefore its members 
until and unless there is some sort of general vote handing it over to 
the ASF?  Also, if there is to be a change, as is contained in the 
current minutes, shouldn't it be treated like any other rule change and 
be a "proposed" rule for the year after next, giving time for comment and 
board ratification after the comment period?

The way the new rules strike me, you have to do very well at the two 
contests, unless you have a convincing note from your mother, or a really 
big reputation, in which case the ASF can pick you.

Meanwhile, it sounds as though the unlimited judges will be selected by 
some sort of popular vote among "known" unlimited competitors.  Could 
this mean that a well organized clique of unlimited pilots could vote 
together for a group of judges that was well-briefed on who the preferred 
team members were to be?

I rather dislike that these thoughts even occur to me, as I would rather 
give any new idea a chance to prove itself before lobbing negative 
thoughts toward it.  In this case, there just seems to be an awful lot of 
anti-democratic methods at work.  There was something rather satisfying 
about the concept that the top placers earned a place on the team, 

In a related sense, I believe that all national judges should be 
considered equal to the task.  If we have problems with judges' 
certification or recurrent training, then that should be addressed, not 
the secret little means that we use to select who gets to work the line. 
 We ought to treat it like our pilot's licenses.  If you are licensed, 
then you get to use the airspace on an equal footing with all others.

Don Peterson
Dallas, Tx.


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