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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Team Members & Judging


Thread: Team Members & Judging

Message: Team Members & Judging

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From: Jfg48 at

Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 14:06:51 UTC


Hi Patty:

This whole question of team selection is really a very complicated issue.
Certainly one of the important elements is the quality of judging during the
team selection process. As witnessed at the nationals in 1995, we can and
must do better. Your comment about good ideas to improve judging struck a
sensitive cord with me.

I enjoyed very much my involvement and work in the judging programs. A number
of us had a whole bunch of ideas on how to improve IAC judging over a period
of time...maybe three years or so. There were lots of good ideas and some
interesting changes contemplated in the judges structure that were ALL
designed to increase the number of judges, and more importantly, make all of
us BETTER judges. We can do it but the BOD has to want it done and give the
program(s) their support. Most of us were sincerely dedicated to this task
and anxious to work with the BOD to make it happen.

In an effort to save money the BOD shelved the program(s) and did it with
arrogance and aloofness. Then, when I felt offended, certain of them accused
me of being a quitter.

They were right...I was not able to cope with the politicians and I did
quit...until we get some open mined leadership who know how to lead.
(Incidentally, Im not the first to fail in moving the leadership and
quit).  Fortunately there are still a number of dedicated judges and others
who are trying to make something happen. I do not know how they can get
support from the BOD except to get some new effective members who share these
goals. I personally like most of the Board members and respect all of them,
but, I do not see anyone leading an effort to really improve judging. Each
Summer we have an opportunity to change that by electing members who will
support such an effort. Watch for candidates whos platforms are for better
judging and vote.

In the mean time Im again having fun at the local IAC level and a great time
producing airshows. I hope to see you at some.

Jerry Gerdes


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