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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Rules &Criteria


Thread: Rules &Criteria

Message: Rules &Criteria

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From: Leslie Eversole <acrohead at>

Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 03:51:55 UTC


  I hate to sound ignorant, but what are the equvalent "Red Book"
in other countries?? Do the Russians, French, Etc... belong to the
IAC? Does CIVA have a "Red Book"? Why are we the INTERNATIONAL
Aerobatic Club, when every other Nation has their own aerobatic club?
How is it the Germans, Russians, French, and everyone else across
the ocean flies by what appears to be the same criteria? Why, if we want
to compete on the same level, are we not subscribing to the same flying
and judging criteria? From the previous posts, it seems to me that we should
send 10 of our top airshow pilots to the world....

See ya...


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