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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Pitts Landings - "Slipping" vs. "Carrier" approach

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Pitts Landings - "Slipping" vs. "Carrier" approach


Thread: Pitts Landings - "Slipping" vs. "Carrier" approach

Message: Re: Pitts Landings - "Slipping" vs. "Carrier" approach

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From: Bill Crawford <wec at>

Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 23:24:18 UTC


  At 09:59 AM 1/31/97 -0600, you wrote:
>JOHNNYBLUM at wrote:
>>So how do you like to land your Pitts?
>Quite poorly - so my friends all tell me. Actually I use both methods
>depending on the scenario. My preferred method is the "carrier approach"
>(that way I can also use the carrier touchdown to describe my semi-controlled
>crash :) ). I find that I float less in the transition from this approach
>as opposed to the forward slip approach. But I use that approach when I
>find myself in traffic and can't (as you noted) just insert the carrier
>Mike Goulian taught me a sidestep approach: You line up on final on a
ground track parallel to but displaced from the runway. This way you can see
the runway out the side. At the magic moment you turn toward the numbers and
slip as required. The technique allows you to keep the runway in view all
the time, and it's great when you can't do a carrier style approach on
account of the size of the prevailing traffic pattern. The only drawback is
that the people in the tower assume from your initial ground track that you
intend to molest the tie-down area or injure some trees. Unless you've
already trained them, it's probably best to announce to the tower your
intention to "sidestep on final." This might not mean much to them at first,
and it might produce a moment of tension as the tower anticipates paperwork.
I'll bet that eventually, however, they'll learn to admire and love you.
I'm curious to know if anyone landing a Pitts has ever spontaneously offered
a "souls on board" report to the tower. Could be appropriate.
Bill Crawford
Bill Crawford - Bill Crawford Photography
wec at


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