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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Pitts Landings - "Slipping" vs. "Carrier" approach

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Pitts Landings - "Slipping" vs. "Carrier" approach


Thread: Pitts Landings - "Slipping" vs. "Carrier" approach

Message: Re: Pitts Landings - "Slipping" vs. "Carrier" approach

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From: Harold James Hitchcock <hjhitchc at>

Date: Sat, 01 Feb 1997 02:04:30 UTC


My usual technique is all of the above.  Including prayers and body
english.  I prefer the carrier style, but have used both.  The general
rule I have is what will the pattern allow.  If I can do the carrier style
I will, otherwise, follow the herd.

What I am wondering, and am curious if anyone else thinks this way, is
that on long finals, I feel it is very difficult to get the plane into a
proper decent.  This business of having to hold your altitude because the
tower has given you a 2 mile final drives me nuts and usually results in a
poor landing.  The carrier approach seems to allow for a constant decent,
into a good flair for a 3-point.  Of course most of my tailwheel time is
in a Citabria... big difference from Pitts.  

Lastly, can anyone help here on what may have happened.  Practicing rolls
following a loop in the Citabria.  I initiated a roll at 140mph with a
pull up and left aileron.  At the top of the roll, the airplane felt very
tail heavy to the point that I needed to apply ALOT of back stick.  Roll
was completed, and flight was terminated.  Instructor has no explanation
for this.  A check of the plane following the flight revealed nothing.
Any ideas??


Hal Hitchcock


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