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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Flight suits


Thread: [IAC] Flight suits

Message: Re: [IAC] Flight suits

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From: "Marc S. Ludtke" <ludtke at>

Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 01:07:54 UTC


I have also been flying with the HGU-55 helmet from Flight suits, ltd.  It
is a nice helmet ($$), is light (with the Kevlar option $$$), has good
electronics (optional electret mic $$$) and fits good (custom fit option
$$$) and looks great (single-color paint job $$$).  Oh yeah, it ain't

BUT, while I was working full time as an aerobatic instructor, I had a lot
of time to think about my risks.  It all comes down to exposure time.  Prior
to that I flew about 100 hrs a year in my Pitts, probably an average figure.
But when instructing, I flew 700-800 hrs a year in Pitts and Sukhoi and my
exposure was much greater.  I also had time, while repetedly slow rolling
over the Florida everglades, to think about that exposure.  My thumbnail
analysis follows.

There are basically four (4) ways to HIT THE GROUND. One (1) is GOOD, three
(3) are BAD:

1) The normal landing.  (GOOD)

2) The parachute egress (BAD)

3) The controlled flight (low energy) crash (BAD)

4) The uncontrolled flight (high energy) crash (BAD)

I'm sure that you can think of others, but it will only help you come to the
same conclusions I did:
That is, a helmet can help in items 2 and 3, but probably won't help in 4.
When you really think about it, the brain bucket doesn't sound so bad.
The only thing left is paying for it (easy, when you think about it) and
getting used to wearing the helmet (thats why I got all the $options$).  So
far, I really like it and highly recommend it. I understand that the ANR kit
from headsets, inc can be used in the helmet to add active noise reduction,
Also, check out Government sales, inc at
They also sell helmets.

Pull hard and prosper,
Marc Ludtke

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