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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Approach and landings


Thread: Approach and landings

Message: Approach and landings

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Date: Sun, 02 Feb 1997 15:21:25 UTC


  The "U" approach or 180 degree side approach, as taught to me 40 years ago 
this year during my private pilot training, is my preferred approach in this 
bundle of joy.  It gives the best sight picture with respect to not only your 
landing point, but also to the projected glide path.  It is also great in high 
performance aircraft,  including light to medium turbo-jet aircraft and the 
like, on a dark night to a runway without ground lights nearby.  There are few 
aircraft that slip more efficiently than the little Pitts Special and one can 
slip continuously in this type of approach.  If there is a negative, it could 
be the removal of possible oncoming traffic on the outboard side of the 
approach.  But as we all know in aviation, eternal vigilance is the price of 
survival and must be built into this procedure. Having made one engine-out 
approach and landing in 1000 hours of Pitts time, this type of approach can 
also be useful in forced landings.

When I have to extend or make a larger pattern, I wind up using the procedure 
learned from Mike Goulian and was described in an earlier post.

"Slip and Skip"

Paul Logue


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