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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] parachutes


Thread: [IAC] parachutes

Message: Re: [IAC] parachutes

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From: KeeSkybolt <KeeSkybolt at>

Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 06:31:02 UTC


  Hal,  when my partner and I went looking for chutes we look at several
different company's and styles.  We ended up with the Butler seat pack with
the aerobatic harness.  This style has no buckles on the leg straps you have
to step into the chute and put it on before getting into the seat.  This my
sound like a big pain but there is no buckles to get under the Hooker's and
there is know doubt about the chute staying with you in deployment.  The other
reason we went with the Butler is the rate of decent. I weigh 205 and my
partner about 30 more,  the Bulter chute was the only chute that we could find
that fit are specs of not hitting the ground at a rate of decent that would
break bones( its bad enough thinking about bailing, but to get out safe and
then hit the ground to hard would really suck ).

Shop around and get what fits your needs.  My thinking was not to go cheap on
something that could possible save my life someday ( hope it never gets to
that though )

Mickey Keenan
IAC 23453


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