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Message: re:Parachutes

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From: "Fred Zayas" <Fred_Zayas at>

Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 23:52:43 UTC


	Welcome soon to the states, Mark!

	I've used a Strong in an S-2A and it was comfortable.
I believe one of our club members has one for sale.  Contact
Bruce Abramson of chapter 12 (Denver, Colorado).  His number is
(01) 303.321.7774 (days/work) and (01) 303.773.6722 (evenings).
We're in mountain standard time.

	As for drawing Aresti figures, with a few extras to
fill in form A and add up the K, use Alan Cassidy's "Aresti 4
Windows".  It is a bunch of figure add-ons to Visio plus a few
tools.  The user interface is kinda clunky, and it is real easy
to use Visio to pervert rolls so that the figure # and K comes
out wrong, but it is the best available.  And the printed output
is superb!



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