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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Team Payback, etc.

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Team Payback, etc.


Thread: Team Payback, etc.

Message: Team Payback, etc.

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From: vulcan at

Date: Sat, 08 Feb 1997 02:59:01 UTC


  Kurt Otto's proposal should be considered most seriously!!!!

On the Right Hand.....	The most senior participants in our sport have had a 
great deal of help from volunteers of every type over many years.  Those who 
judged, critiqued, and encouraged have invested a great deal and have high hopes 
for our best and most senior to achieve beyond their own dreams.  It seems most 
natural to me that those who receive so much and are blessed with talent and 
honed skills would have a desire to encourage those following behind them. 
Passing on "the knowledge" should be viewed as a sacred responsibility!  
Speaking for myself alone, I would have never gotten to unlimited competition 
without help of one kind or another from almost everyone I know in the IAC.  If 
you think about it for a little bit, this is quite a statement.  I know a lot of 
IAC people.

On the Left Hand.....	If someone does not want to give of their time, or seeks 
to retain what they know for personal or competitive advantage, then it MAY be a 
mistake to legislate the participation.  If a competitor is going to be a 
selfish &/or self-centered Prima Donna and you force him or her to give, you 
will get prunes....(half hearted and poor quality product), something which is 
in general not worth having.

My advice to our sitting president Dr. Rhin is to consider the problem of 
getting a strand of cooked spaghetti to go through a small hole.  It is a lot 
easier to pull it through than push it through.  What we need is leadership to 
generate an attitude shift which pervades IAC.  Dr. Rhin is a balanced, very 
experienced, and mature gentleman.  Look to the top when you really need 
something important!

Bert Berrong
Brighton, Colorado


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