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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: FAI Licenses and Italian NAC

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: FAI Licenses and Italian NAC


Thread: FAI Licenses and Italian NAC

Message: FAI Licenses and Italian NAC

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From: Salvadori Luca <lsalvadori at>

Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 16:59:57 UTC


Hi IAC'ers,

I forward you this letter about the dramatic situation we suffer in Italy, 
where a state-ruled NAC is actually killing any form of air sport.
Please note that FAI License is issued to US Pilots for US$29 for 3 years.



While thanking you for the effort in promoting and diffusing information 
about Air Sports, I would like to offer my personal contribution with some 
observations about fares applied to issue and renewal of FAI Licenses in 
Italy for 1997.

Issue/renewal fees for FAI Licenses has been included as a chapter in 
Italian Aero Club provisional budget for 1997, for Lit. 100.000= (US$ 65) 

Rationale has been the following: during 1996 some 3600 FAI Licenses have 
been issued at no fare. Charging this service will certainly lead to a 
substantial reduction. Considering a final figure of around 2800, NAC will 
get Lit. 280 millions (US$ 175.000=), as actually included in budget.

My personal position inside NAC's Federal Council has been opposite and 
rejecting such an initiative (unfortunately already sanctioned) for the 
following reasons:

   1.A budget of 2800 issues/renewals is overestimated since, being the 
operation at no cost, most pilots requested  FAI License both for its appeal 
and to compete albeit seldom. License issue to all Club fellows having 
proper prerequisites was a promotional action most Clubs autonomously 
performed. For all above I consider that final figure should be around 1000 
licenses: this fact leads automatically to a loss of Lit. 180 millions (US$ 
112.500=) in NAC budget.
   2.On the other side, having a (free) FAI License, necessary prerequisite 
to compete in any contest, is a psychological incentive to participate in 
any Air Sports event even on occasional basis, as for instance in own or 
nearest Club's competition. This increases number of contestants and of 
possible enthusiasts, with the effect of
improving chances to find good subjects to send abroad for International 
Championships. Also Aero Clubs get cash from increasing flying hours, while 
pilots experience grows regardless of their sporting results.

I believe that this tax, as I strongly expressed inside Federal Council, 
will contribute significantly to engrave any air sporting activity in Italy.

Together with a sad impotence, I feel a stong bitterness for being the only 
Federal Counselor opposed to this tax (perhaps unlawful: there is no actual 
alternative in Italy).

I hear now rumours of many protests arising, but I suggest to ask their 
federal representatives for details on their actions.
Simple agreements would have led to different results and saved interests of 
all disciplines.

Another contribution to disruption of Air Sports is certainly to charge of 
FAI tasks (mainly where sporting rules are debated) peoples whose competence 
is to be positively assessed (excluding Giorgio Marangoni), neither elected 
nor suggested by competitors. Those peoples go there (speaking what 
language?) and decide with absolutely no care and knowledge of competitors 

This is how Powered Flight is considered in Italian NAC, while its 6500 
pilots and its numeric weight is by alone more than 50% of whole Italian 

Hoping in a whole rethink of the situation, best regards.

                                      Piergiorgio Fattori
                               Federal Counselor - Powered Flight
                                      Aero Club d'Italia


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