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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Help with languages


Thread: Help with languages

Message: Re: Help with languages

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From: Harley at (83)

Date: Sun, 09 Mar 1997 22:40:33 UTC


  JERRY SPEAR wrote:
> In thai:  Sawatdee-ka (if a girl says it)
>           Sawatdee-krup (if a boy says it)
> In Japanese: Ee sa shy ee mas   (welcome)
>              Hah gee mei ma che teh  (nice meeting you)
> In Vietnamese:  Chow-ong  (boy saying it)
>                 Chow-co   (girl saying it)
> In Chinese:  Jo-sun
> Jerry Spear
> Centralia, IL
> jspear at

Hi. Small correction please on Vietnamese welcome.  Chow-Ong is what you
say to a male - of equal stature.  Chow-Co is what to say to a female,
who is single.  Chow-Ba is to say welcome to a married woman.  Chow-Em
you might say to a younger female.  Likewise Chow-Anh (pronounced EYEng)
to a young boy.  There are 20 odd ways to say a welcoming howdy in
Vietnamese - with slight differences North and South.  Much like here in
the U.S.  In Brooklyn they say "Yo' 'S Up."  In Atlanta, "Hi Y'all."  
   Chow-Ong - etc - is not welcome, exactly.  It's more on the order of
Hello. Howdy.  Hi Y'all.  Yo. s'happenin'  
   Like that. 

Fly safe. 
Com un ong (Thank you).


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