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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Scathing indictment of FAA/NTSB and the Admini ...


Thread: Scathing indictment of FAA/NTSB and the Admini ...

Message: Scathing indictment of FAA/NTSB and the Administrative Law System

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From: N77TW at

Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 08:39:31 UTC


  Some months ago, I posted regarding my experiences relative alleged charges
of aerobatics over a congested area by local law enforcement officers.  Those
charges escalated to Criminal charges under the California Public Utilities
Codes and  an Emergency Revocation order and charges by the FAA.

The FAA charges are heard in a hearing by an Administrative Law Judge and the
Criminal charges by a jury in a local municipal court.

For the uninitiated, let me advise you of the following with regard to the
Administrative proceedings:  1.) The FAA, NTSB and local law enforcement will
all work together to find you guilty.  2.) If you are flying solo, you have
no chance.  3.) The "Code of silence" and "brotherhood of fellow officers"
are both alive and well.  4.) In Administrative cases you are guilty until
proved innocent and the decision is on the preponderance of evidence.  Which
means that if 50% of the evidence is against you, you will lose.  The
evidence need not be substanciatable or true and may be in direct conflict
with other evidence presented; you will still lose.  

The bottom line:  When first accused, if you are smart you will roll over,
kiss ass and do and say anything the police want you to.  If they give you a
chance to admit everything they say you did, even if you didn't do it, you
will admit you did.  If you don't do that, they have the complete and
ultimate power to work with the FAA and local authorities to slaughter you at
the hearing.    Unfortunately, I'm not smart and will never admit to things I
did not do.  But that attitude cost me my license.

Physics, math, FARs and logic mean nothing to an Administrative Law Judge.
 He is there to take you ticket.  He will listen only to testimony of
witnesses and written reports.  He will discount any errors, mistakes or lies
against you and if you are solo and have no witnesses you are screwed.  You

The FAA is NOT "Here to help."  They make no moves to help but only to
enforce to the maximum.  Twenty years of clean record will mean nothing.  

My license was Emergency Revolked with no conversation with anyone.  No one
even asked if I was in country on the day in question.  No one asked or was
interested a wit in my story, ever during the past seven months.

The truth is: your license is in jeopardy every time you fly.   As any honest
pilot will admit, all of us most probably will break  at least one of the
hundreds of FARs every time we fly.  Be ware.  The Feds are lurking, just
waiting to bust you. 

You, as pilots DO NOT live and operate in a country in which you are innocent
until proven guilty.  Just the opposite is true.

Unfortunately, local law enforcement, working with the Feds, has learned that
when they want to get you, if they claim you caused a near mid-air, they can
get your license revolked without question.  In my case, I had witnesses who
said that never happened and their testimony was ignored.  Watch them, they
know all the tricks.  The deck is stacked against you.  You cannot win.

Dissolutioned?  Dissapointed in a system I supported, paid taxes for and
believed in?  Yes, you might say I am.  I cannot express in words how totally
my confidence in local law enforcement  and the FAA has been destroyed.

Oh, yes, and by the way.  If you think a good attorney or two will help, you
can forget that too.  They will promise you smooth sailing and justice, take
lots of money from you and then begin telling you how tough  your case has
recently become and how the system is working against you.  I know, I hired
two and fired them both when I found out they were just milking the case.
 The truth of the matter is, you have no case if you are flying solo.  It
will be your word against others and there's only one of you and lots of

Look at the big picture.  Wouldn't life be better for the masses if there
were no G.A. especially those "dare devils" who make noise and scare us all?
 Let's just weed them out.  Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like.   Say
it's just sour grapes.    I say, The hand writting on the wall.  Just read

Bill Bancroft
n77tw at


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