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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: FAA Revocations


Thread: FAA Revocations

Message: FAA Revocations

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From: tolson at (Hubie Tolson)

Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 14:06:58 UTC


  RE: Bill Bancroft's post: aerobatics over a congested area by local law
enforcement officers.  Those charges escalated to Criminal charges under the
California Public Utilities Codes and  an Emergency Revocation order and
charges by the FAA.
Bill, same thing happened to me 21 years ago (ugh, it hurts to say that).
Little man with a bow tie showed up with a Western Union Telegram. I was
told it was one of the few uses of the Emergency Revocation Act of 1957 at
the time -  but I never verified that. Unlike you, I was reeeeeal guilty.

The telegram was 3'6" long - I still have it. Thirteen violations without
even trying! Thank goodness for expungement.

Seriously, you can protect yourself with a waivered box, over an airport.
It's safer if a problem pops up, and you get a little closer to the FAA
person who approves the location. Your friends from congested areas can
visit the airport to watch. It's tough to get busted in a waivered box.

If you don't have a box somewhere, you might consider working on it with the
newly available time on your hands, which the FAA has so generously made

If you need some help call or Email me. Also, Bill Finnagin has helped
dozens with this.

Best Regards,



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