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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Rcpt: RE: Help an AA Pilot


Thread: Rcpt: RE: Help an AA Pilot

Message: Rcpt: RE: Help an AA Pilot

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From: "Alt, Ed" <alte at>

Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 18:23:05 UTC


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Sorry to say, but most satire will affect someone or another.
Still, it's nice to see a bit of humour on the list (other than the cat & 
duck bit).

Blue skies


Max Braude
skybird at

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From:	Robert B. Johnson [SMTP:102501.1146 at CompuServe.COM]
Sent:	26 February 1997 17:23
Subject:	RE: Help an AA Pilot

Dear  DAOTERO at,
Who ever you are. Be very careful posting politically sensitive humor.  
are many AA Pilots who are long time IAC members, including our first 
Bob Heuer.  The situation at American Airlines is a very sensitive 
subject to
many of us.  The media has not portrayed either side accurately, and our 
was shamefully aired in public.  This confrontation is bigger than we can
imagine.  The long term ramifications include GAT and "Free Skys" ( where 
Foreign airline can fly in the US anywhere and any time it wishes).  I, 
for the
record, am completely opposed to a strike.  I further have never seen the 
of pay that the media says we AVERAGE, and I'm a captain.  I wish we 
could keep
this fight in house, but this country loves " Dirty Laundry".

I will sign my name,

R. Bruce Johnson, Captain
American Airlines


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