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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Pitts Paint and Fabric Problem

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Pitts Paint and Fabric Problem


Thread: Pitts Paint and Fabric Problem

Message: Re: Pitts Paint and Fabric Problem

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From: PHarrison at

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 00:57:26 UTC


In a message dated 3/3/97 3:35:25 PM, you wrote:


                                                   March 3,  1997

     The incident involving Roy Speeg's Pitts S-2B was much
more serious than just the paint peeling off the fabric.  The
fabric itself split at the leading edge of the upper right wing
and peeled itself back toward the spar.  The tear was about
3 feet in length along the leading edge and peeled itself 
back about 2 feet.  This happened while the aircraft was in
flight.  I happened to be flying Roy's airplane when the
failure occurred.  Actually, I was on a vertical upline when
I first noticed it,  so the airspeed was relatively low. 
However, it is possible that the rip occurred earlier but
was not severe enough to be able to see it from the cockpit
until it progressed further.  Fortunately, the entire area
affected was inboard of the aileron so there was no
significant adverse affect on controllability of the aircraft
and I was able to accomplish a normal landing with the

     I also own a 1991 Pitts S-2B and I have had no problems
with either the fabric or the paint.  The fabric on my airplane
is cotton but the fabric on Roy's airplane is dacron which
should be stronger than cotton and less susceptible to this
kind of failure.

                                                   Sheldon Apsell
                                                   Newton, MA
                                                   Pitts S-2B  N11AN

Did any of the failures involve the Supeflite II system?


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