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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Windex fatality

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Windex fatality


Thread: Windex fatality

Message: Windex fatality

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From: steve coan <scoan at>

Date: Mon, 03 Mar 1997 20:41:27 UTC


  Rumors have already spread regarding the fatal crash of the Windex 1200 C 
motorglider in Florida. I will attempt to quell them as information on 
the accident is released. This much I do know:

The crash of the demonstrator Windex 1200 C motorglider happened around 
4:45 pm E.S.T., approx. one mile to the west of the Waauchula,Fl. airport 
on Saturday, March 2. The pilot was Lars Bergstrom, partner in the Windex 
project. This was the first high flight in the aircraft. Ten takeoffs and 
landings were executed a few days prior, to satisfy the insurance 
requirements. Lars was in radio contact with the designer, Sven Ridder, 
and Cory, a fellow aeronautical engineer and employee of Windex Aircraft 
Corp. Lars had radioed in that the aircraft flew wonderfully and that the 
stall characteristics were as expected. Radio contact was lost due to 
dying batteries in the handheld. It was not until over an hour later that 
the ground crew was notified by the local police of the accident. 

So far, nothing has been released by the NTSB, FAA, or medical 
authorities. Therefore EVERYTHING UP TO NOW IS JUST CONJECTURE. However, 
preliminary speculation is that the aircraft descended in a flat spin 
configuration. This is very unofficial and again is only speculation.

Spin tests will commence immediately on the sister ship in Sweden. 
Complete anaylisis of the damaged aircraft will start tomorrow by Windex 
Aircraft  Corp.

I must also note that I have personally flown every Windex model to date 
and have never experienced anything out of the ordinary while performing 
aerobatics, both negative and positive unlimited maneuvres. I have and 
will continue to perform at airshows across the country in the 
non-motorized Windex Extreme sailplane.

We will release further information as it becomes available to us. Any 
cards or flowers can be sent to Lars' wife and children at:

Mary Bergstrom, Windex Aircraft Corp., 1121 Lewis  Ave., Sarasota,Fl. 

Steve Coan


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