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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Stits final silver - blush encountered

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Stits final silver - blush encountered


Thread: Stits final silver - blush encountered

Message: Stits final silver - blush encountered

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From: ultimate at (

Date: Wed, 05 Mar 1997 18:27:29 UTC


  I'm building a Pitts derivative.  I'm at the painting stage and I've
been getting the wings ready for Stits Aerothane color coats.  

Question:  Does anyone know how blush on my final silver coat (Stits)
will affect my application of aerothane?  

Here's what happened (Well, what happened was I hurried, but.....):

The wing was final sanded as per Stits and was inside the hangar all
night and stayed in the open hangar, in the shade all day. I was
shooting a final 50% thinned coat of silver (using 65-75 reducer) on
wings outside the hangar since I wanted to avoid dust and trash in the
silver.  Weather was clear, mayber 50% humidity, sunny, but increasing
wind throughout the day - in Texas usually meaning humidity coming up
from the gulf - I live in Dallas.  I did the lower wings in the morning
with very good results.  It got too windy so I waited until evening. 
Unfortunately, temp/humidity changed and there was still some wind so I
ended up with blush on the upper wing. 

A local guy I really trust said he talked to Norm at Stits a couple
years ago and seemed to remember that Norm said blush could mess up
aerothane application.

Anyone know?  I guess the worst is I can shoot another thinned coat
making sure it bites into the blush and then make sure it dries slowly
for good flow-out.  I know I can use some retarder, but I would just as
soon wait for the weather and have it cure quickly, without blush of
course, and avoid opportunity for trash to get into the silver.  

Good news is it's only on the bottom side of the upper wing and I really
did avoid trash in the silver.  Happy about that.

Thanks in advance.

Daryle L. Grounds, CPA
Chapter 24
Dallas, TX


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