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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Pirep for the DR109

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Pirep for the DR109


Thread: Pirep for the DR109

Message: Pirep for the DR109

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From: Norman Brudigam <norm at>

Date: Sun, 09 Mar 1997 06:07:20 UTC


  I flew in the prototype DR109 2 days ago for a quick demo with our
fearless leader Dick Rihn out of Concord,CA.  As a Citabria/Decathalon
driver with minimal Pitts time my impressions are: 
1)  The aircraft looks great, easily as good as the best you see at
Oshcosh, and from Germany.It does not look like a kit at all.
2)  With 260HP the thing is a rocket, power is not a problem; 
3) I tried a loop and immediately initiated an accellerated stall, a
slight release corrected that.  Rolls were easy.  For the HH I turned
too soon, not used to the long up line I guess; 
4) Dick demonstrated a basic set of manuvers which I really can't
compare with anything with my low time in serious aerobatic aircraft.
There really is no comparison with the Citabrias that I am used to. It
sure was fun though.  Dick, who has 20 years in a one hole Pitts says it
is totally different than the Pitts.  
5)  The landing was less scary than a Pitts and I judge probably easier
to learn.
6) It turns out being the fearless leader of the IAC requires about 3 to
4 hours per day.  On top on that, Dick did 8 contests in 1996-WOW-WOW.
7) Flying with Dick in the DR109 was a good lesson in flying with a
professional aerobatic pilot, everything was thought out, careful and
safe; spins were at 6500 AGL, he sets a good example.
Overall, the aircraft is easily worth 80K to 90K it might cost to
complete.  Sorry I could not make a comparison with the Extras and
Suchois of the world-read the recent articles in SA and EAA.
Norm B.


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